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The Boca Raton Synagogue Network Group (BRSNG) is committed to providing excellent opportunities to develop business connections and growth enhanced with Jewish values through  interaction with fellow entrepreneurs and business leaders in a relaxing, social and professional setting.
By bringing together the business professionals of the BRS Community in a sophisticated, exciting and supportive environment, that is based on common Jewish heritage, values  and spirituality, we endeavor to help BRSNG members make great contacts, leading to great business opportunities.
As a member of The BRSNG, your annual membership fee of $180 will be allotted toward events and a donation to Tomchei Shabbos or The Rabbi’s discretionary fund. (We are a registered
501c3 organization and your contribution is tax deductible.)
Benefits of a BRSNG Membership:
•Member listing and link to company website featured on the BRSNG webpage
•Networking opportunities with other professionals at monthly meetings
•30 second business spotlight at networking meetings
•Your company materials displayed at networking meetings
•Access to sponsorship opportunities
•Member exclusive Facebook group

Interested in becoming a member?

Contact Marc Binenfeld at

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