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Sephardic Kehillah

of BRS

Representing a cross culture of Sephardic heritage, the Sephardic Kehillah is an integral part of BRS. We feature multiple daily and Shabbat minyanim, inspiring tefilot throughout the year, enriching shiurim, and authentic Sephardic celebrations (with much music and food, of course!). Our members hail from all over the Sephardic and Edot ha-Mizrach map, including Morocco, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Teiman, Greece, Spain, and more.

We are both tremendously grateful and fortunate to participate in the full breadth of BRS activities while simultaneously hosting minyanim and shiurim that celebrate our unique heritage. Our ‘Community within a Community’ is a vibrant and integral part of the Boca Raton Synagogue family.
Join us in the Sephardic Beit Midrash to participate in our "community within a community" and feel free to reach out to Rabbi Shabtai with any questions or to learn more.

Interested in learning more? Come join us - everybody is welcome! Feel free to reach out to the office with any questions, to learn more, and to see how you can be involved.




Shaharit:  Hodu begins 20 minutes before sunrise
Minhah / Arvit: 20 minutes before sunset



Friday night:
    6:00pm / 6:30pm in the summer
    20 minutes before candle lighting in the winter

Shabbat: Shaharit:
    At earliest time for tallit
    8:30am (winter)  / 9:00am (summer)

35 minutes before sunset
Arvit: at Havdalah