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Embracing the greater BRS vision of Valuing Diversity and Celebrating Unity, the mission of BRS K'hal Chassidim (formerly known as the Nusach Sefard Minyan) is to further grow community within community by providing a warm, intimate, and welcoming Minyan enriched with the flavor and energy of Chassidus.

About This Minyan

Recognizing Shabbos as the centerpiece of the week, BRS K'hal Chassidim focuses on providing multiple opportunities and avenues to connect with the holiness of Shabbos, beginning with "Toameha" before Mincha on Erev Shabbos, a chance to gather and experience a literal taste of Shabbos before bringing in Shabbos with a ruach-filled Kabbalas Shabbos and Maariv. Each Shabbos, K'hal Chassidim gathers for a short chabura in Chassidus before davening that will focus on inspirational ideas from the Parsha. Like all minyanim at BRS, a highlight each week is the derasha delivered by one of the BRS Rabbis.


The davening throughout Shabbos is enthusiastic and leibedig, while at the same time the participants are serious and trying not to talk during davening. Each week, minyan Shabbos morning is followed by a sit-down kiddush, which builds a strong sense of community and members of the minyan rotate sharing Divrei Torah.


While the nusach is Nusach Sefard (not to be confused with "Sefardi" or Edot HaMizrach), there are only slight variations to the Ashkenaz nusach many are accustomed to and should be accessible to anyone. Beyond the nusach, the minyan follows the standard BRS davening minhagim and policies.


K'hal Chassidim also sponsors scholars in residence throughout the year for the benefit of our entire BRS community. There are also regular Tishes, Melava Malkas, community meals, and weekly Chaburahs that focus on the teachings of the Baal Shem Tov and his students. .


Join Us

Come join our growing community of people who learn, daven, and grow together, each person connecting to Hashem in a way that is meaningful for them and their families.

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