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Since the human body is the receptacle in which the Almighty places the soul, the body becomes sanctified through the combination. This sanctity remains even after the soul departs from the body. Therefore, care and respect must be accorded the dead as they are prepared and escorted to their final abode on earth.

Throughout the ages, Jewish communities have established burial societies whose main function was the care of the deceased from the time of death until interment. Their primary concern is the ritual washing and dressing in shrouds known as Tahara, which is the time-honored ritual of preparing the deceased in accordance with Jewish tradition.

The Chevra Kadisha of Boca Raton Synagogue is an voluntary organization of men and women who perform this service reverence and dignity, maintaining the highest standards of Jewish customs and laws.

Volunteers are available to guide a family in obtaining the proper funeral, including preventing autopsies, assist families with special needs who are unable to obtain a proper funeral without delay, conduct educational programs about proper Jewish burial, and help prepare the house of mourning by providing meals, special shiva chairs, and a Sefer Torah if needed..

If you are interested in joining the Chevra Kadisha, please contact Yvette Kaweblum at (561) 573-8996.

Thu, June 24 2021 14 Tammuz 5781