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Welcome to BRS Youth! Brace yourself for some inspiring chesed programs, fun activities, inspirational moments, all infused with a love and passion for Torah. The human capital in BRS youth is incomparable to any other youth department. The synergy between parents, group pleaders, children, grandparents and friends makes every BRS experience fun and inspirational for all involved. This is our recipe for success! Please enjoy BRS Youth!

Group Leaders Coming Soon!


Rabbi Gershon Eisenberger has been teaching 4th grade at Hillel Day School for the last three years. Additionally he has been running multiple programs in Boca Raton Synagogue including the Junior Chabura which gives young boys and girls the opportunity to learn Mishna every Shabbat and JuCo, Junior Congregation which conducts Shabbat Tefilot for children. On Shavuot Rabbi Eisenberger conducts a late night class for children. Recently, Rabbi Eisenberger has begun a family service that gives parents and children the chance to daven and learn about davening together. Rabbi Eisenberger has worked closely with Aliza in our youth department and with our youth who adore him. He can be contacted at

Shabbat Morning Groups

Please join us on Shabbat mornings for a fun, safe, and educational experience.

Ages 2 - 4 – Children will enjoy the Shabbat classics of bim bam and making the chicken soup, while playing with group leaders who are dedicated to ensuring your child’s happiness and enthusiasm for Shabbat.

Kindergarten – Grade 2 – Children will enjoy group games, introduction to Shabbat tefilot while hanging out with group leaders dedicated to ensuring your child’s enthusiasm for Shabbat and the Shul experience.

JuCo – Grades 3-5 – Children will enjoy team games, like American Idol, video practices, and raffles. Children will learn Shabbat tefilot in a model minyan.

Come Join Us!

Thu, June 24 2021 14 Tammuz 5781