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Teen Rabbi - Bio

Uri_Profile_PicRabbi Eli Zians, originally from Hamilton, Ontario, has spent the past few years traveling around the world helping educate and inspire Jews of all ages. He has been working for the past several years for the Ronald S. Lauder Foundation directing summer, Pesach, and winter programs throughout central Europe. Working hand in hand with NCSY's JOLT summer program he has enabled countless individuals to experience Judaism in a deep and meaningful way. Already spending time and filling in for the teen minyan, Eli Zians has spent the past two years working with the local Boca NCSY chapter engaging and inspiring the high school teens within our community. He has collaborated with and provides classes, along with programming, for many of the public and Jewish day schools in the Boca Raton area. He hosts monthly onegs for the teens along with his weekly classes both in BRS and at his home. Rabbi Zians will continue with his NCSY portfolio as he now takes on the role of BRS Teen Director as well. He can be reached at  

Please join us in welcoming these two great stars to our BRS Staff. They look forward to hearing your ideas, feedback and vision.

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Ask The Rabbi

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This week's question: Rabbi, why do we pray?

We pray for two reasons. The first is to form a direct relationship with Hashem through talking to Him. God listens and is concerned with our prayers. When we pray we form a direct connection with Him.

Second, when we pray, we are stating our desires and wishes. If we put thought into what we are praying for, we are making ourselves better people just by asking for more important things. Our priorities reflect who we are.

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Boca Raton Pro-Israel Teens

The BRS Pro-Israel Teens are a group of Boca Raton teenagers who aim to enable teens to advocate for Israel, and specifically to effectuate change by capitalizing on the historical American-Israel relationship.

In partnering with AIPAC, the BRS Pro-Israel Teens hopes to create relationships with members of Congress, hear from expert speakers and attend AIPAC events and conferences

News You Can Use

Teen minyan:
Led by gabaim Michael Krasna and Andrew Wald,the teen minyan is packed with 6th through 12th graders. The mass amount of teens who show up fit perfectly with Gabbaim Michael and Andrew's goal of bringing greater participation to teen minyan this year.

A point of pride for teen minyan was the amount of teens who join teen minyan for the first time. With our veteran and new teens attending each week we look forward to a great year of teen minyan.


Sun, May 16 2021 5 Sivan 5781