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Martin Judovits

Monday, May 01, 2017

Dear Friends,

On Yom Hashoa I spoke to the Congregation at B R S about my concern for the declining Jewish population.

In my remarks I said: I look around the world and what do I see? I see an alarming situation;

It is more than seventy years since the Holocaust happened and instead of a rebirth I see a declining Jewish population.

We lost in the Holocaust 6,000,000, one third of our people and we never recovered; in the seventy years since the Holocaust we remained static, no increase at all.

Our decline can be attributed to many causes; to assimilation, to the limited number of children born in Jewish homes, to intermarriages, to a lack of Jewish education and to the high cost of Jewish education.

This decline is not what God had in mind for us; the Torah tells us several times that God swore to our forefathers; “I will increase your offspring like the stars of the heaven”

My great concern is; we are facing a creeping physical and spiritual holocaust.

Our inaction in this regard is actually causing a new silent Holocaust; there are no gas chambers, no mass killings, but the ultimate result could be just as devastating.

We cannot allow ourselves the luxury of being silent and passive.

What kind of a world are we leaving to our children, to our grandchildren and to future generations? Even if we as parents have done a good job and our children are Jewish, but in what kind of a Jewish environment will our grandchildren have to bring up their children?

What can we do to reverse this intolerable situation?

I am making an appeal to the Jewish leaders of the world to convene a meeting in Jerusalem. I am asking the Jewish Leaders to address this urgent problem:

At that convention in Jerusalem I hope that the assembled delegates will establish a new organization specifically for the purpose of implementing a plan of action to stop the declining Jewish population

In my book “Holocaust and Rebirth” I have specific ideas and suggestions how to solve these problems, but the delegates to this convention shall bring their own ideas and proposals.

Please call or write to the leaders of the Jewish people in the United States and Israel to convene a meeting in Jerusalem to address this problem.

With God’s help and with your help we will reverse this frightening situation.

Please let’s make it happen!

Every single appeal is important, please do not rely on others to do it, do it for Kiddush Hashem and for the martyrs who died for Kiddush Hashem.

Let’s do it for our children and grandchildren

And let’s do it to fulfill God’s promise; as it is written “I will increase your offspring like the stars of the heaven”

Enclose please find a pamphlet;

Please make copies, send the pamphlets to the leaders of the Jewish people,

Send them to the President of Israel, to the Prime Minister, to the chief Rabbis in Israel, to all the rabbis, to the members of the Keneseth, and other leaders.

Also, please make more copies and give the pamphlets to your friends all over the country, and ask them to do the same.

Let’s do this together!

6,000,000 more Jews in the world

עם ישראל חי

With best wishes and thanks,

Martin Judovits

Holocaust survivor


President Reuven Rivlin

Office of the President
3 Hanassi St.



Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Prime Minister's Office
3 Kaplan St. Hakirya



Rabbi David Baruch Lau

Sephardic Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef

Members of the Knesset:

Sun, April 18 2021 6 Iyyar 5781