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The Tehillim or Psalm's

These beautiful ancient prayers, that have been recited by our people for thousands of years, were written by the greatest poets of Jewish History, including Adam, Moses, and the majority by King David. Our thoughts take flight as the words of these immortal poems open our hearts, bring renewal and strength to life's tragedies, and joyous gratitude to life's triumphs. Throughout our history, the recitation of the Tehillim not only inspire us by accentuating the role God plays in our lives, but it creates a conduit of communication with God as we plead for his merciful intervention.

The BRS Women's Tehillim Circle

Founded in 1998 by Yocheved Hande, it is a circle of healing created to enable our membership to help those in need by collectively engaging in this special form of prayer. Thanks to the efforts of many special women in our community, the entire book of Tehillim is recited every day. They are recited for anyone in our community or extended community who has been stricken with a life-threatening or debilitating illness or injury. By reciting these immortal words, we touch the lives of others and touch our lives our well.

How It Works

Submitting a Name:

  • Call either Yocheved Hande, the Circle Chairperson, at (561) 715-6185 0r Linda at the Shul (561) 391-5732.
  • Give your name, phone number and relationship to the individual, and the situation.
  • Give the individual's Hebrew/Yiddish name and their Mother's Hebrew.Yiddish name.
  • Please notify us when their name can be removed from our list.

Joining the Tehillim Circle

Please email the Circle Chairperson at with your name, phone number, email address and home address if you do not have an email address. You will receive a call with your tehillim assignment and the Circle Chairperson will answer any of your questions. A welcome letter will follow. We rotate forward 3 psalms every Rosh Chodesh. There is a reminder in the BRS Weekly as well as an inspirational Tehillim Circle Newsletter and story with your new assignment.

Updates to the Refuah Prayer list

  • There is a printed, updated list every Shabbos in the main lobby of the Shul.
  • Prayers for new individuals will be recited by the Circle Chairperson until the next printing of the Refuah List.
  • In the event of a Life Threatening Emergency, call Gila Griner, the Phone Squad captain at (561) 573-3737 or Yocheved Hande at (561) 715-6185, or Linda at the Shul at (561) 394-5732.

Recitation of your Tehillim

It is an important daily responsibility.The recitation can be in Hebrew, English, or any language.You nay not always know for whom you are praying, but Hashem does, and so do the individuals for whom you are reciting.If time is short, and or your list is unavailable, just have the list in mind along with the sick of the Jewish Community and your own list of family and friends.If you have time, there are beautiful prayers before and after your recitation of Tehillim that appear in the Artscroll Book Of Tehillim.

To add a name to the list, please email Linda at
For more information please email Yocheved Hande at


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