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The Hospitality committee is responsible for arranging accommodations for visitors who are considering relocating and would like to learn more about our community. In addition, this service is offered to those finding themselves in Boca to visit a non-observant relative or the like, who are in need of a Shabbos experience and environment. Our volunteers will provide a welcoming home, Shabbos meals and other hospitality needs.


The Welcoming committee works with the BRS sisterhood to ensure that every new member in our community is welcomed and embraced by a seasoned BRS member. The volunteers welcome the new family with a basket beautifully prepared by the Sisterhood. The new families are matched with a BRS member who will answer questions, show them around the neighborhood, give directions, introduce them to new friends and ensure that their transition is smooth.

Moving is most of the most stressful times in one’s life. BRS strives to make this process as seamless as possible.

Adopt-a-Bubby and Zaidy

Help brighten the day of one of our elderly or homebound members, many of whom do not have family locally. Services include: providing home visitation, shopping and errand running, transportation, and general companionship. We arrange for weekly visits and/or phone calls to our senior and homebound members, who are always happy to see a kind face and hear a friendly voice.

This is a wonderful opportunity for our children to learn the mitzvah of honoring the elders and visiting the sick by watching their parents and by participating themselves in the mitzvah.

Chesed hours will be given to children who volunteer. Some of the opportunities for the school-age children are: bringing the elderly to shul by assisting them with their walkers or helping wheel them, visiting after school, reading newspapers or a book or just sitting and keeping them company.

Hachnosas Orchim

Shabbos and Yom Tov are times we can sit back, reflect, and enjoy the company of friends and family. Make a new friend by inviting someone within our community to your Shabbos table. By opening your heart and your home, you can be inspired. We are always looking for host families. Please get involved by coordinating Shabbos meals for some of our members or by participating as a host. No matter how you get involved, this is a mitzvah that will enrich your Shabbos.

Shiva homes

In conjunction with the BRS Chevra Kadisha, this committee prepares the shiva home with shiva chairs, siddurim, a seven day candle and other supplies necessary of observing shiva, such as the mirror coverings and signs for the doors. We try to address the needs of the bereaved family by giving special consideration to each situation. The general policy is to provide a seudas havraah (the meal for the family immediately following a funeral), breakfast, a dinner meal every day of shiva, lunch every other day and Shabbos meals during or immediately following shiva. During times of loss, it is crucial that the families understand that they can lean on the BRS community so that they can concentrate on their grieving process. We are here to provide the support necessary for the families to spend the time with their loved ones and find comfort and solace.

Families affected by illness

The BRS Chesed committee, in partnership with Bikur Cholim of South Florida, is here to support our BRS families when faced with acute or serious illness. When an individual falls ill, the whole family becomes affected. Representatives from the committee visit the families and assess their immediate needs. The committee will assist in arranging transportation to doctor visits, shopping, visitations and assistance with young children. The Bikur Cholim has published a booklet with information and guidelines on visiting the sick and with many different prayers. Please pick up a copy at the shul to assist in this very important mitzvah.

This effort by the Chesed committee allows families dealing with illness to deal with the personal needs of the sick loved one while our volunteers take care of the rest.

Tomchei Shabbos

Tomchei Shabbos provides Shabbos and holiday meals for members of our community who are going through difficult financial times. This weekly support is provided with complete confidentiality, anonymity and dignity. While it provides physical food, the true goal of Tomchei Shabbos is to feed the soul by letting those suffering know others care.

Tomchei Shabbos helps in several ways. The program supplies Gift cards to local supermarkets which allow the family to shop and prepare for Shabbos properly. Food packages are also distributed directly to families. Additional funding and supplies are provided before the Jewish Holidays.

If you are interested in making a contribution to this very worthy cause, please make your checks payable to BRS/Tomchie Shabbos. We thank you in advance.

Families with new babies

The birth of a new baby is a time of great emotion and excitement but also a time of little sleep and overwhelming work. The Chesed committee is delighted to be able to help members ease into new parenthood by providing assistance. Our volunteers can make hospital and/or home visitations and phone calls. Child care or play dates can be arranged for siblings of the new baby as well as carpool assistance., in addition, the committee organizes the dinners for the family for the first week after delivery.

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